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23rd & Madison Safeway to get a Starbucks (again!)

You may recall that there was a (Magic Johnson) Starbucks on the Madison Street side of the 23rd & Madison Safeway when in opened in 2004. That was back when the hangers-around outside Deano’s did little for the ambience on Madison, so it was no surprise that the Starbucks quickly shortened its hours, constructed a doorway into the Safeway to try and entice people in and then (when Starbucks was doing some belt-tightening) was closed.

While in the Safeway tonight I asked what the onging construction (where the BECU office used to be) was for. The checker told me that it will be a “Safeway owned Starbucks”, presumably along the lines of the one in the 15th Avenue Safeway.

The Starbucks is dead. Long live the Starbucks.

0 thoughts on “23rd & Madison Safeway to get a Starbucks (again!)

  1. Yeah! It was a pain when they closed. I’ll be glad to have another option for coffee on the way to work.

  2. For the record, I used to order from this Starbuck’s before they closed. They charged more for the same drinks that they charged at other locations. I would order a tall Americano in the morning at the Olive Way Starbucks and another in the afternoon at this Safeway Starbuck’s and the price would be a few cents higher. Why do they charge more for the same drink in the CD?