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Break in on 23rd!3{2}- Computer/Camera stolen – Please help!

13″ Apple macbook pro laptop (small scratch on silver surface on top of computer by apple logo, maybe 1/2 inch long)

silver Apple Ipod – classic style with clear plastic case

Nikon D40 camera w/ 2 lenses and SD card

These items were stolen around 12:30pm Thursday afternoon in the Central district off of 23rd Ave. S. during a break-in at a basement apartment. The suspects that were witnessed at the scene are two African American boys and one Asian American girl; all three are teenagers. The police were able to lift prints off of the door, door handle and a few electronics that the suspects tried to remove but failed to do so. The teens will have attendance records compared for the day in question at the local schools. And the prints are being sent to the lab now.

If you know these persons, or these persons are your children and you noticed these electronics in your home that do not belong to them, you have a chance to return the goods without involving the law or having charges pressed if you act now. Once the prints are run, and an identification is made, I will be proceeding to the full extent of the law. The school visits will begin tomorrow at Garfield high.

The camera had photos taken during a recent family reunion and other photos that are irreplaceable (friend’s weddings, photos of my 15 year old labrador, etc.). I also take college courses online. School started this week and without a computer, I am going to have difficulty keeping up with my courses. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Return of my belongings would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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  1. I realize this is too late for you, so sorry, and I just learned about fabulous laptop-tracking software in case your laptop is stolen. I am not flogging any brand or product here, but I think has mac-tracker and has pc-tracker software. I am no computer geek, the opposite actually (it’s why one has kids, amirite?) so geeks please feel free to step up and set us straight if nec.

    One of the founders of Hollow Earth Radio had his mactop stolen. He watched the thief from his mac camera, tracked his mac with the software, got the Kent police involved, got the guy busted and his computer back! I thought it was nice the cop gave him his mac back instead of keeping it for evidence. BTW, he also had his mac serial number for the cop to verify.

  2. One of the suspects was also seen on the deck of the upstairs unit of the house by neighbors. The other suspect was seen downstairs on our porch. These neighbors will also be able to identify them as being on the deck (which they would not have had access to unless they were let in by the people living in the house above us) when the police find them. If you know these people, once they get caught, more than 1 person will be able to identify them. Please encourage them to come forward and return our belongings so we do not have to pursue legal action.

  3. Pursue legal action regardless of whether you get your stuff back.

    Nail them to the wall with any charges you can make stick.

    Why not?

  4. Absolutely prosecute. You can’t let behavior like this slide!!!! Do it for your neighbors, if nothing else.

  5. With the security at that school – Garfield isn’t going to let you just “visit” the school because you got robbed and suspect the robbers are Garfield (rather than Franklin or any other school) students. You do realize there are 1800 kids at the school, right? Even if the robbers turn out to be Garfield students, 1797 of them are not the robbers. The school isn’t going to allow you to just wander the halls hoping to spot one. You’d be much better off notifying local pawnshops STAT so they don’t buy your stolen goods.

    Also, you might ask the police to clarify your belief that “the prints are being sent to the lab now.” I was an AFIS tech for 28 years and what you’re describing is just simply not going to happen.

  6. I think in this case pawn shops are not where these kids are taking these kinds of items. They are keeping them because they cant afford to buy them but they want them. They might sell them to friends to make some cash instead of keeping them, but I doubt any of them are heading to pawn shops.

    I hope you get your stuff back. As the parent of a Garfield student I am curious about how the investigation at the school is going to happen.

  7. I suspect (as I did when I first read the post) that both of those items were a bluff to try to get the kids to confess…

  8. They will be at pawn shops. thinking that kids break into houses to steal items for their personal use is ridiculous. The items were either with an older party involved or in pawn shops within 5 hours of the theft.

  9. How many teenagers do you hang out with? Most of them I know would love to have a MacBook. Maybe you’re right, but it seems to me they’d be less likely to get caught stealing if they just kept it as their own or sold it to a friend than tried to pawn it.

  10. I think you’re right that they’re more likely to sell them to people they know than to pawn shops (have to be 18 to sell to the pawn shops anyway), but the people they buy them from might pawn them. Sometimes it’s older people sending kids in to do burglaries then selling the stuff. It seems a little naive to think the kids are going to confess, or to think that the kids already have prints on file to match the burglary prints with. Unless they’re juvie veterans in which case they have probably long ago dropped out of high school.

  11. ..which makes you, sceptic, an idiot. If it was a bluff, let it stay that way. Seriously who takes the time out of their day to derail someone’s effort to get their stolen goods back?

    fucking wanker.