Break in on 23rd!3{2}- Computer/Camera stolen – Please help!

13″ Apple macbook pro laptop (small scratch on silver surface on top of computer by apple logo, maybe 1/2 inch long)

silver Apple Ipod – classic style with clear plastic case

Nikon D40 camera w/ 2 lenses and SD card

These items were stolen around 12:30pm Thursday afternoon in the Central district off of 23rd Ave. S. during a break-in at a basement apartment. The suspects that were witnessed at the scene are two African American boys and one Asian American girl; all three are teenagers. The police were able to lift prints off of the door, door handle and a few electronics that the suspects tried to remove but failed to do so. The teens will have attendance records compared for the day in question at the local schools. And the prints are being sent to the lab now.

If you know these persons, or these persons are your children and you noticed these electronics in your home that do not belong to them, you have a chance to return the goods without involving the law or having charges pressed if you act now. Once the prints are run, and an identification is made, I will be proceeding to the full extent of the law. The school visits will begin tomorrow at Garfield high.

The camera had photos taken during a recent family reunion and other photos that are irreplaceable (friend’s weddings, photos of my 15 year old labrador, etc.). I also take college courses online. School started this week and without a computer, I am going to have difficulty keeping up with my courses. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Return of my belongings would be GREATLY appreciated!!!