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12th Avenue park needs a name

The future park at 12th Avenue and E James Court is fully designed and awaiting construction.  It is also looking for a name!

The Parks Department gives a few rules for the naming of parks but this leaves a lot of room for creativity!

  • Consider geographical location, historical/cultural significance, distinctive natural features, and the wishes of the community in which it is located
  • If naming the park after a person, the person must have been deceased for at least three years

Name suggestions must be made in writing by March 3rd and should include your reasons for choosing the name.

Send suggestions to:

Seattle Parks and Recreation

Naming Committee

100 Dexter Avenue North

Seattle, WA 98109

or via email to paula.hoff (at) seattle (dot) gov

More info here on the naming.  More info on the park design here.  

0 thoughts on “12th Avenue park needs a name

  1. I think a great name would be ‘SpiffyD Park’ after the notorious commenter spiffyd on We could get some of spiffyd’s best one liners and etch them into the walkway.