Help choose the best photos from a Garfield High School photography class

Period 6

You can check out and help pick the best shots from a Garfield High School photography class over at Flickr. Leave comments (and constructive help) on the photos you like. The photos will be on display at the Garfield library next week. Then the best photos will be displayed at Douglas Truth Library next month.

Some more of the photos (join the group pool on Flickr to see them all):

Red Apple Boy

Odd Owl

Period 4 From Janet Woodward at GHS:


As first semester comes to a close, we are very excited about the progress of the beginning photography students in Mr. Louviere’s classes. They have been fully participating in our Qwest Teachers and Technology grant to document the Central district area around the school. Students have posted their best images to along with a description. Please check out their work in our central area group at the following link and be sure to leave some comments for them so they can have a larger audience interacting with their work: 

Our next step will be to display student’s work in the Garfield Library, the last week of January. All photos and descriptions will be mounted and framed and students will participate in a gallery walk evaluating each others’ contributions. From this, we will be selecting the 25 best photos which will then be displayed at Douglass Truth Library in February and in an accompanying exhibit catalog. We hope to find an all-city venue after that in the Spring. A special thanks to the Seattle Education Foundation which gave us matching funds to print this catalog.


0 thoughts on “Help choose the best photos from a Garfield High School photography class

  1. Thanks Janet and GHS for sharing these with the larger community. It’s a real treat to see what the kids are up to at GHS and to be given the opportunity to share some thoughts on their creative work, particularly I suppose, for the many residents here in the CD that are involved in the arts.

    I’m loving how the Internets are making what would have been a fairly isolated class project when I was in high school and turning into a bit more of a collaboration and conversation.