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Attempted Break- In at 21st and Union this morning

Our next door neighbor’s home was almost broken into late this morning on 21st Ave between Union and Pine. I just thought it may be helpful for anyone living close to this block to know so they can make sure to be extra careful securing doors and windows! Our tenant witnessed the attempt and reported the following:

Black male, between 17 and 25 years old, approximately 6ft tall.

Wearing a black/gray checked mid-length jacket, black stocking cap, black Nike shoes with turquoise accents. Also had either white cotton gloves or socks on his hands.

He appeared to come through the gap in the back fence from 22nd Avenue. He tested both of Emily’s back doors and then appeared to be about to push in the basement window when he looked around one last time and saw me watching him and describing him to the dispatcher over the phone. He ran around the north side of the house and disappeared. 

SPD was there within 3 minutes of my initiating a 911 call — three patrol cars in all. One cruised the neighborhood while two other officers checked the building. They announced it to be secure and took my information. 

Big props to SPD!

0 thoughts on “Attempted Break- In at 21st and Union this morning

  1. Best line of defense is a watchful set of neighbors. To the person who phoned this in, thanks for looking out for your neighbors. Smart and quick.

  2. I live very close, and am so glad to hear of neighbors keeping an eye out for one another. Thanks!

  3. Keeping an eye out and calling the police is our best defense .. also think those lights that turn on with movement are a help, especially if you set them so the raccoons don’t set them off.

  4. if you had a weapon you could have held him there til the police got there! this guys will be back at it for sure…he just got away with it.