Police search for group of teens after man robbed of iPhone on the 48

A man on the 48 bus at 23rd and Jackson on Friday afternoon reported that a group of teenagers had stolen his iPhone.

The victim told police that the group of about 7 got on the bus near Garfield High School and robbed him as the bus arrived at 23rd and Jackson around 4:45 PM. The victim said he was on the bus with his phone out when one of the teens approached him from behind, grabbed the phone and jumped out the door of the bus with the rest of the group. The victim told police he used a service that might allow him to track the phone’s location.

According to police radio reports, officers believed they were familiar with at least one member of the group and were on the lookout for him following the bus robbery. An officer contacted one group found nearby while another officer called the stolen phone’s number but no ringing could be heard.


0 thoughts on “Police search for group of teens after man robbed of iPhone on the 48

  1. last night i witness something similar happen to a man while riding the #14. the bus has stopped at Benaroya Hall stop. what transpired happened so quickly that i didn’t realize what happened before it was too late plus i only saw it happen with my peripheral vision.

    the bus driver didn’t do anything and/or offer the man any help. not sure what the driver could have done but i guess he could have at least called the police. after a couple of stops the man got off.

    reading/hearing about how often this happens perhaps i should design a case that tethers to the wrist…

  2. This happens almost daily, and it pisses me off every time I hear about it! I also own an iPhone and try to be diligent about when and where I pull it out to use it. I know it’s not fair that we should have to monitor our use of our own property, but I’d rather be careful than have it stolen. The teens seem to be particularly attracted to it, so I use caution when I’m on the bus (#14) especially when I see a group of rowdy teens.

  3. It’s funny to me that nobody should be dumb enough to count a stack of cash in public because of course you’d get robbed.

    and yet many people won’t hesitate to whip out a smartphone that is worth a couple hundred bucks and has personal info on it?

  4. I think SPD should start conducting ‘stings’ on these routes. Undercover agent playing with his phone, and then swarm the hood rats that steal them.

  5. With your iphone 4, you should have applied for a concealed weapons permit. When will they begin making small arms with the same finishes as the phone cases?