Once a bakery, soon a craft distillery at 14th and Union

With word that a new bakery is destined for a corner of the 23rd/Union intersection, CDNews readers have been remembering other great bakeries in the area in recent years. One fondly remembered provider of baked deliciousness was 14th and Union’s Panzanella. Here’s a look at what’s coming next for that former bakery space.

Work is currently just getting started on an overhaul of the old Panzanella building to create a new craft distillery and tasting room. The work right now is limited to the outside of the building but we’ve heard that internal work should begin soon.

Oola Distillery is a project driven by Kirby Kallas-Lewis. Seattle Metropolitan Magazine spoke with Kallas-Lewis back in June to give us an idea of what to expect from Oola:

Yes, all you people who care about such things, he makes his own mash. And not just for the aged spirits. “Even with vodka, there’s a lot that happens in fermentation that affects the product,” says Kallas-Lewis. Amen to that, Kirby.

Originally, there was talk that Oola would be ready to open its tasting room by the end of August. That clearly isn’t happening. Instead, look forward to enjoying the new life for the old bakery space sometime in 2011.

0 thoughts on “Once a bakery, soon a craft distillery at 14th and Union

  1. There will be a tasting room, but is there space for a restaurant too? I want an alternative to Elysian and Madrona Pub, please! I’m thinking Redhook style…

  2. Would love to support a high quality local distillery….Another good win for the Hill if this pans out.

  3. Yes on the food component! At least that is the strong desire for the SE corner of the building (2000-4000 sq ft). I’m trying hard to find a restaurant for that space. If I could find an all day place it would be a real plus for the neighborhood. Think great coffee and pastries in the am, simple great sandwiches and soups at noon and a top restaurant/bar in the evening. Put the word out – sometimes all it takes is the right comment to the right bartender/waiter or barista out there to make it happen. Word can spread fast when you access the right person.