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Last week to support Molly Moon’s in Madrona

Ice cream lovers have three more days this week to put their money where their mouths are and convince Molly Moon to bring a shop to Madrona.

The big blue truck “Leo” will be parked on 34th Ave Wednesday from 5-10pm, Thursday from 7-10pm and Friday, Christmas Eve, from 12-5pm. Then they’ll head to Queen Anne for January and Ballard for February before deciding which neighborhood has earned a brick-and-mortar store. 

From our vantage point (our apartment window directly faces the truck) it seems like there’s been a steady stream of customers throughout December, even despite the weather. One of the truck’s employees reported seeing repeat visitors day after day, as well as support from local business owners.

But it sounds like the final determination will be made this spring after looking at the numbers for each location (it can’t hurt to join the Facebook page, too.) And Molly Moon’s PR rep, Jennifer Carroll, tells us no potential storefronts in Madrona are confirmed at this time, though they’ll continue to evaluate options. 

Do you think Madrona can support an ice cream store – especially when put up against larger ‘hoods like Queen Anne and Ballard?

0 thoughts on “Last week to support Molly Moon’s in Madrona

  1. It seems unlikely that they would settle in Madrona, given the other locations they are checking out. However, I would love for them to continue to have a truck in Madrona periodically over the year.
    It’s totally clear to me after visiting the truck a few times this month with family and friends that their ice cream is totally to die for!

  2. there’s no way they’d get nearly the walk-by traffic in Madrona that they would get in Ballard. And why aren’t they looking at West Seattle? Seems to me the Junction would be the perfect place for them… maybe they don’t want to try to compete with Husky Deli?