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Architecture 101 Holiday Classes During Winter Break

A Holiday Village:

The students will learn how people around the world celebrate during the winter season and then design and create their own winter holiday village. All materials will be edible gingerbread and other sweets and confections.

An Amusement Park:

We will look at amusement parks around the world and discuss what makes an amusement park successful and what happens behind the scenes of these parks to keep them functioning and running smoothly. Just for fun we will also learn more about forces in nature that cause you to stay in a roller coaster when it is going at certain speeds.

Then each student will select a theme and location, design an amusement park and build a sketch model of it.

Backyard Cottages:

The first annual international MY KID COULD DESIGN THAT! backyard cottage design challenge will be this winter. A backyard cottage is a small house that shares a site with a larger primary residence.

The challenge will be to design a backyard cottage that you would like to live in. The cottage will accommodate the functions of a house, including living, sleeping, eating, and cooking, and fit within a 20 ft. x 20 ft. x 20 ft. space.

Bruce Parker, the architect who is the founder of Microhouse Northwest, will be joining us to show us some of his designs during this session.

All entrants will be featured on the Seattle Backyard Cottage blog.  In conjunction with the competition, Architecture 101 will host the awards ceremony in February 2011 during mid-winter break week.

This is a design competition where everyone wins.

For additional information on these classes, see: Architecture 101.

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