Molly Moon’s considering Madrona expansion (but first Ballard, Queen Anne must be defeated

The Molly Moon’s empire of ice cream shops is considering where to open its third store in the city following frozen treat domination in Capitol Hill and Wallingford. Madrona is on the short list. Want to help sway Molly’s decision? Like the Molly Moon’s to Madrona Facebook page. Or don’t. It’s your choice!


Molly Moon’s Shop Number Three…Where will it be?

Big News! Molly Moon will be expanding her Seattle ice cream empire with
the addition of a third shop in the summer of 2011. Unsure of what Seattle
neighborhood to call home, we will be parking Leo, in three locations over
the next three months to see where the most ice…cream-lovin’ Seattleites

Beginning tomorrow Wednesday, Dec. 1 Leo will be parked in Madrona at
1435 34th Ave. for the month of December! Open Wed & Thurs 5-10pm
and Fri, Sat & Sun from 12 to 10 p.m. Kids who visit Leo tomorrow
between 6 and 8 p.m. will receive a free kid-sized scoop! 

Following Leo’s December stint in Madrona, Seattle’s favorite ice cream
truck will move to Queen Anne in January and will spend all of February in
Ballard. Stay tuned for updates on Leo’s Queen Anne and Ballard

0 thoughts on “Molly Moon’s considering Madrona expansion (but first Ballard, Queen Anne must be defeated

  1. I too thought it was overrated until I was at Flying Squirel getting a pizza and picked up a pint of Molly Moon’s salted caramel ice cream. It is best ice cream of all time. Period. End of story.

  2. Overrated to me. Molly Moons is just ok. In fact the salted caramel is so salty that its practically inedible.

  3. I agree that they’re overrated. I wish we’d get a local ice-cream place that makes their own ice-cream from scratch. Molly Moon’s, Husky Deli, Full Tilt, and that frozen custard place on Cap Hill (can’t remember what it’s called just now) all buy a pre-made base and then add flavors to it. It’s fine, but not outstanding, and since they all use a base comes from Snoqualmie Creamery, all their ice cream is really similar. Makes it hard for me to get excited about it.