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Cheeky Cafe gets "Suggests," high marks from Stranger reviewer

New CD restaurant and CDNews sponsor Cheeky Cafe got a “Stranger Suggests” mention this weekend and high marks in a recent food review. 

Reviewer Paul Constant says it will “make your stomach very happy,” and gives special mention to the spicy mac & cheese.

We caught dinner there two weeks ago and had a really good meal. I especially loved the Cheeky Chicken Meatballs.

Cheeky is still getting high marks from CDNews members too, with four and half stars in eight separate reviews.

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  1. Yes, the food is tasty, when you get it, if you get it. One of party didn’t get her meal. The waiter said sorry he lost her ticket. Then, instead of bringing the soup right away, he waited till her entree was ready and brought it all together too late.