Secret Service task force claims break in Capitol Hill credit card fraud wave

A special task force that combines Secret Service investigators with local law enforcement experts has made a major break in the case of a large wave of fraudulent activity involving credit card accounts belonging to people who live and work on Capitol Hill.

David A. Iacovetti, Special Agent in Charge of the Electronic Crimes Task Force Seattle office, tells CHS that agents made a break on the case late Friday night. “We addressed it so no further fraud could be conducted,” Iacovetti said.

Iacovetti would not confirm that this wave involved a skimming device on a point of sale system somewhere on the Hill. Because this is an open and ongoing investigation, Iacovetti said it’s too soon to release details of how the accounts were defrauded but that the situation has been “adjudicated.” “Our guys got on it quick,” Iacovetti said.

Included in the dozens of reports of fraud made to Seattle police were a small amount of cases reported by Central District residents.

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