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Bill Zosel wins City Club People’s Choice Award

Congratulations to Bill Zosel for winning a City Club People’s Choice Award!! Bill, the Mayor of 12th Avenue, has been a tireless advocate for the neighborhood and so deserves this recognition. He has been the driving force behind the 12th Avenue Stewardship Committee, been very active with the Squire Park Community Council, and been involved in everything happening in the neighborhood, from the First Hill Streetcar, new park design, planning the City’s first woonerf, and participating on the citizen advisory committee for Seattle University.

I have only known Bill for a short time and I know his accomplishments go far beyond those listed here.  Congratulations!!!

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  1. I don’t know how he finds the time to be so well informed about the minutiae of public process and huge institutional projects, and the energy to participate in endless meetings. Then he gets the word out to the affected neighbors and stands up for us. Thank you for your amazing work for the neighborhood, Bill!

  2. congratulations to bill! i can’t say enough here about how well deserved this award is…bill is a community treasure and having worked with him for the last three years, i just want to thank him for always running a truly inclusive process when working on neighborhood issues. he works tirelessly to make sure that there is a platform for others to express their views and the neighborhood is better for it. kudos to him in particular for the recent hearing examiner decision against the swedish/sabey “minor” amendment. this would not have been possible without bill, and in my opinion he is responsible for making sure that the major institution planning process in seattle retains integrity. thank you bill and congratulations.

  3. Thank you for all you have done and your stewardship. You should have let us know to attend. That would have made my day. I always get the email invites from City Club and had no idea that one of our own (I hope you don’t mind being claimed by the community.) would be honored.

  4. Bill was one of my mentors who took the time to explain so much about how things work as I attempt to ‘dabble’ in Land Use questions. A wonderful facilitator, he truly models what stewardship and concern for our neighborhoods is all about. He has been the rock of the 12th Avenue Stewardship. I note carefully when he posts on this blog, it’s usually regarding seemingly complex land use issues, but is critical information for citizen involvement.

    Thank you Bill, this award is so well deserved.

  5. Congrats on well-deserved recognition. I can only echo all of the comments above. Bill’s a community treasure and we are fortunate indeed to have him among us. Thanks and well done, Bill.

  6. well deserved, Bill!

    a tireless advocate not only for 12th Ave but the CD. When one needs a dose of wisdom, check in w Bill…

  7. It’s been a pleasure to work with Bill on a whole laundry list of issues, and as Kate says above, the neighborhood and the whole City owe you a great deal for the ongoing work on the Swedish master plan issue. Thank you for all that you do!