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CD Public Art Project: next meeting 11/22

Everyone is welcome at the next open meeting of the CD Public Art Project at 7pm, Monday 11/22, at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd on the corner of 22nd & E Union. Please tell/take your friends and neighbors, too.

We’ll hear from Artworks about the new mural for the Durden (Thompson’s Point of View) Building and their ideas for business district identity art.

We’ll work on an RFP to hire a public artist to run charetts for us early next year to gather community ideas and feedback. It is our intention to create public art that reflects the character, history and pride of the CD. We need your energy, enthusiasm and ideas.

Sponsored in part by a City of Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods Matching Funds grant. The CD Garden Tour 2011, on June 4, 2011, will raise funds and matching hours for the CD Public Art Project.

Questions? Post a comment and we’ll do our best to answer them. Better yet, go to the meeting and get involved! There are many levels of involvement available. Some even have no meetings to attend. Imagine that.

0 thoughts on “CD Public Art Project: next meeting 11/22

  1. Why did they remove the art that was there? Couldn’t they wait until something new was ready to replace the art that was already there?

  2. If you are referring to the mural on the THompson’s building, it wasn’t removed. The remnants of the old mural are still there but localgraffiti taggers have severely defaced it. Hopefully soon something cool and meaningful will replace it.

  3. If you’re referring to The Corner, the art project at 23rd & Union, this group has no connection to that group except to support them. As one of the persons whose pix stood on The Corner for over a year, I personally wasn’t unhappy to be able to sit down and take a rest. I wasn’t so happy with the manner in which The Corner art work came down and had no input or control over that.

    This is a new group and project. We are collaborating with anyone and everyone who wants to create public art in the CD. I heard today about more murals in process for the CD, created by students of local schools. Huzzah!

    Sorry about leaving off the Lutherans’ address. Thanks, Andrew.