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Use iPhone on the street? Watch your back – Woman lost hers on Jackson

The iPhone map is a fantastic tool if you’re out and about. But a woman found out this week that being focused on your phone on the street can make you a target for losing it.

According to a new police report, last Friday she was walking westbound on Jackson from 23rd “using the GPS feature of her Iphone” when to teenagers in black hoodies grabbed her phone and took off.

The victim was not injured in the robbery, and she chased them for a bit westbound before giving up.

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  1. I thought people would have learned this by now, the iPhone is like a beacon for the vermin. Keep them put away or lose them, it’s that easy.

  2. I had an iPhone stolen a block away at 24th and Jackson two years ago. At the time I was 3 weeks past a anterior crucial ligament tear injury to a knee and could not walk quick even with the hinged knee brace I was wearing. I doubt anyone would attempt to snatch my phone from me in my current recovered physical condition but I still try to be aware of my surroundings when I have my phone out.

    I know it is difficult when doing things such as texting or map lookups but you do need to think about it some.

    As many of you already know Apple and AT&T do not want to be a party to phone recovery and will not disclose if the phone has been activated to a new number (they could by matching the IMEI). Your best recovery method is scanning the craigslist ads and see if a phone comes up with your specs and calling and asking about it. Then take the police if they will come to help with recovery and arrest for the strong arm robbery.

    I use tracking software on my phone and I recommend this to everyone with an iPhone or other smart phone. You can use Apple’s Mobile Me service or you can use one of the many GPS trackers in Cydia (requires jail breaking the phone) which are more robust. I use iLocalis which locks the background daemon into the iOS and can not be removed without a password – it will prevent the phone from being restored as well and offers features such as remote wipe etc. There are quite a few different ones you can buy.

    In the end, if your personal safety is a risk it is better to give up the phone than to get in a fight that could cause long term damage to your body, especially with multiple assailants. Though in this case, a death grip on the iPhone and screaming bloody murder would have ended the robbery. I personally would fight them for it, but I am a male, do not have family that relies on me, and am willing to risk it. I am also not a common target for criminals. You should have an idea of what you will do if you are placed in this type of situation.

  3. Last Wednesday at 4th and James I was waiting for the bus. There was a guy leaning up against the bus stop pole texting someone…this guy walks up and snatches it out of his hand and ran up the hill and disappeared real quick. The guy didn’t do anything about it…he didn’t yell or chase him. Anyway, there was a camera right there at the bus stop and another camera on the King County Adm. bldg. so the guy who snatched the phone would be facing both cameras. I hope he gets caught! I hope the guy who got his phone snatched ask the cops to check those cameras! Anybody who snatches purses and phones in the Seattle or in the CD is a fool! There are cameras everywhere! LOL…