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23rd & Pike car wash bought by owner of Philly’s property

The self-serve car wash at 23rd & Pike has a new owner. Formerly a part of the Chester Dorsey car care empire, it was lost in foreclosure last year, closed for a while, and reopened in February under a new owner.

Now we’ve learned that Ian Eisenberg, owner of the empty fast-food store at 23rd & Union, has purchased it from the previous owner. He’s posted an ad in our classifieds area, looking for a person to help tidy up the two properties on an ongoing basis. The ad says “I want to maintain a very tidy appearance,” which seems like a good sign for the neighborhood, given previous issues with graffiti on the property.

Eisenberg tells us that other car wash improvements are on tap, and he’ll have more details on that soon.

0 thoughts on “23rd & Pike car wash bought by owner of Philly’s property

  1. By “cleaning up” I certainly hope they begin by not taking gas blowers DAILY and blowing every piece of trash from their parking lot, over the grassy knoll (drug-deal knoll), and onto my front yard. A fence is NEEDED BADLY. A fence between E. Pike and the carwash would change not only the noise and pollution problems, but the drug operations, too.

  2. I will try to limit the use of a blower and make sure it is as unabtrusive as possible. I will make sure that all garbage is picked up and disposed on site. I would love to hear you concerns and suggestions regarding illicit activities at the car wash. I can be rached at 1-855-SEA-SUDS.


  3. I was there last week washing my car and told the attendant that no soap was coming out of the sprayer. He said “Turn the dial”. Which I had already done and did it again. I told him it was still not working. He completely ignored me while talking to a girl at the hut. Girl left and he walked right past me and went to the street. Absolutely horrible service and will not go there again. I am going to take my money where 1)The sprayers work properly and 2) at least some customer service is available

  4. Ron,

    I am really to hear that you had a bad experience. We just took over this week. I am well aware that all lot of the equipment is in dire need of maintanance and upgrades. Nothing is more irritating than paying for something that doesn’t work. I get it. Please give us a few weeks to get everything dialed in. Email me privately at [email protected] and I will refund the money you lost.

    The attendant that you mentioned will no longer be att the car wash.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience,


  5. Thanks Ian. I was not aware that you just took it over and are going to fix it up. No need for a refund and will look forward to trying the new improvements in the future. Thanks for commenting. Have a great night.

  6. Hi Ian – Are you getting close to leasing the former Philly Cheese Steak shop? I live in the neighborhood and take a look every time I drive by to see if it has been leased. Has there been much activity? Hope you find a good tenant soon.

  7. Getting very close. Negotiating with three possible tenants, that would all be very good fits for th property and the neighborhood.

  8. It’s very refreshing when local business owners interact with the community through forums like this. Bravo!