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How’s the DirecTV service in Madrona?

Can houses in the Madrona hills get a full DirecTV signal? I’m on the west side of the hill, facing Capitol Hill. The NFL Sunday Ticket package sounds intriguing, but I’m skeptical satellite will work with all these hills and trees.

What are your experiences with DorecTV in Madrona?

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  1. Love it on 29th and Spring! After deciding on DirectTV over Comcast, I have heard nothing but bad things about Comcast. I was also surprised how many of my neighbors have DirectTV, after taking a walk around the neighborhood looking for dishes.

  2. I didn’t know that Comcast was a choice here. One drawback is that Direct TV doesn’t allow you to access the local public access TV shows. I, otherwise, have no opinion and confess to not having either cable or Direct.

  3. All you need is a clear view of the sky – unless your roof is under some dense tree cover I don’t think you’ll have any problems. We’re up on 22nd and have been very happy DirectTV customers for probably 10 years or more now. We’ve never had an outage for more than a few seconds and even that hasn’t happened more than a handful of times (if a really big nasty thunder cloud rolls over or if the dish gets covered in snow!).

  4. Been very happy with DTV overall. It all depends on the growth atound your house but I bet they’ll find a way to work out a line of sight. They could boost the signal a bit during the winter as I have had occassional issues during bad weather. Murdoch’s politics are pretty bad but this company is pretty good. The online site could use a little work, it’s bit dated but works. Turn on or off services easily. I turn on the package that contains the Frozen Four Tourney most years and then turn it off after it completes. If it all falls in one month it’s only $10 and super easy to adjust- no phone calls, no hassles- done in a matter of minutes. More companies should follow their lead regarding customer service from my experience, been very good.