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Armed Robbery

The fun and games from Seattle’s East Precinct on a frustratingly cool and cloudy day:

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  1. Can we get more detail on th e “armed robbery” on 23rd an Jackson?
    As a Washington Middle School parent, that is pretty close to home. Our kids are walking to school in this area…or is this a hoax?

  2. I live on the corner at Welch Plaza, and there were gun shots yesterday, and saw a man running very quickly out of the Starbucks parking lot going across the street. At the same time a SPD car was driving though heading towards the Walgreen’s exit onto Jackson, and a car stop. Appeared the had an exchange, then the SPD took off heading east on Jackson. Moments later two SPD cars head in the same direction with sirens on. Then a Fire Truck…

    Today at the time of the so called robbery I was home and heard no one yelling for help, but about 8 SPD cars, all driving extremely fast were on the chase heading south on 23rd.

    I have lived here 3 years, and the crime element has decreased significantly compared to win I first moved here.