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All Purpose Pizza Broken into – again!

This time around the perps smashed the front door with a piece of granite and tried (but failed) to take the flat screen TV above the kids area. They destroyed some other stuff in the process (the flat screen tv they dropped and shattered, the wall, the wall mount and it looks like some shenanigas were happening around the cash register again making the phone inoperable among other things). I am getting a new phone today once the glass guy shows up and installs the new glass for the door.

The police officer said he got one print off of the tv whilch we are hoping turns up a perp!

I will be looking for help soon with repairs to the drywall once an insurance claim goes through so if anyone is a handyman with abilities in that area let me know!



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  1. I live just up the street from your place on 26th and have a large background in construction so can help with the details and with the work.