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stolen planter

This morning I found a bowl of plants on my walkway which a thief had placed there having stolen the planter stand.  So someone  came up my stairs, into the front yard and pulled it up pole and all.  I’m on the 900 block of 21st, a few houses down from the case of the stolen ashtray stand.  Hmmm.  This picture is of one like the one that was stolen.  A batch of cookes as a reward for whoever returns it.

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  1. When we first moved here (in 1997) we quickly found out that you can’t have plants in pots around here…. after losing several very nice pots and a beautiful water iris (that was my last… I thought a big pot full of water would be too awkward and heavy to steal – alas no) I gave up and everything I plant goes in the ground now. My neighbors lost some pots too until they started bolting them to their concrete porch. Someone down the street has contrived a way to chain her’s together. I thought maybe enough time had passed and the pot thief might be gone, but I guess not…

    Hope you see your plant stand again, but I wouldn’t count on it….. maybe do a run of local yard sales this weekend?

  2. Same here as cdneighbor, no pots in the front yard now. I had thieves come up on my front porch at night, remove the plants in plastic pots inside and take the ceramic pots. There are two identical-to-the-stolen pots on a front porch four blocks away. I grind my teeth every time I see them. And chant to myself “karma, karma, karma.” I hope it bites the thieves in the a**.

  3. Had one of 2 planter pots (plants included) stolen off our front porch back in the spring time in the evening while I was home. Heard the dogs bark and assumed it was someone coming home that was expected about that time, but alas once I got to the door and took a look I saw the planter missing. Ran around the neighborhood a bit to see if I could see someone walking off with the rather heavy planter, but no luck. It was a little before Mother’s Day and the plants were in spring bloom, so assumed it may have been someone “picking up” a gift for mother…