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Cheeky Cafe has new hours, new menus, and weekend brunch

We got a note this week from the owners of Cheeky Cafe (a new CDNews advertiser) announcing their expanded hours and menus for their new restaurant at 17th & Jackson.

The big news is that they’re now offering brunch on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am.  The brunch menu (attached at left) includes all of the standards such as pancakes, french toast, and eggs. And they’re also bringing some breakfast dish innovation with items like Meatloaf Loco Moco, “Fry Bread, Chili, Cheese and Fried Egg”, and the “BELT”, or Bacon Egg Lettuce and Tomato sandwich.

They’ve got new menus for lunch and dinner too, also attached at left.

Full hours are:

  • Saturday, Sunday 10:00am – 9pm with brunch and dinner
  • Tuesday-Friday 11am – 9pm with lunch and dinner


0 thoughts on “Cheeky Cafe has new hours, new menus, and weekend brunch

  1. This is our new favorite place, because the owners and staff are awesome and the food is new, affordable, and tastes really, really good. Seriously good. Yummy good.

  2. We had the fry bread to start (fresh made and piping hot), and we also orderd the meatloaf/egg/gravy over rice, chili over fry bread, the stuffed french toast, and the BELT, along with a side of the veggie sausage. All of it was delicious, and the portions are huge! This is comfort food, not health food – expect to leave full and probably a bit sleepy. They have a yogurt/granola parfait that looked pretty tasty, though, and a vegetarian version of the meatloaf for healthier options.

    Nice atmosphere and the service was fantastic. We’re definitely going back!