lost kitty

Henry has not come home and it’s cold.  He’s a cream and grey siamese tabby mix.  Tabby face, no siamese voice, pale white tabby stripes on his sides, broken lower left tooth.  Last seen on 21st between Union and Marion Thursday.  He has a chip.

Please call 206-726-5902

stolen planter

This morning I found a bowl of plants on my walkway which a thief had placed there having stolen the planter stand.  So someone  came up my stairs, into the front yard and pulled it up pole and all.  I’m on the 900 block of 21st, a few houses down from the case of the stolen ashtray stand.  Hmmm.  This picture is of one like the one that was stolen.  A batch of cookes as a reward for whoever returns it.

panhandler in parking garages and a scam

Saturday between 5:30 and 8 pm we ran into the same panhander 3 times.  The first time was in the Madison Market garage.  By the time we finished there, we saw him going into the Trader Joe’s garage.  Awhile later he was down on 21st and Union and tried to hit us up again. 

Then yesterday about 4 pm, Monday, there was a door to door scammer (I guess) saying he was collecting money for a girls’ service project for Washington Middle School .  He had some magazines, City Arts I think, and a ten dollar bill.  The rap went something like:  you don’t reconize me because I cut off my dreds, (his head was shaved), your neighbor across the street is contributing,  blah blah blah (more fast talk).  I said I don’t give money to people at the door, but tell me where  the organization is based.  More fast talk.  He asked for 21 cents and then 1 cent.  Then he took off across the street.

Just to let you know.