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New stone sofa a grassroots groundskeeper idea

We may have cracked a recent riddle. Two weeks ago we mentioned the stone seating area that mysteriously appeared next to the Garfield Community Center at 23rd & Cherry. Parks HQ didn’t know anything about it, and the staff in the community center were in the dark as well.

But we spoke to a groundskeeper who was working on the project, who explained that it was very much a bottom-up project. He was asked to do something to spruce up the corner there, and the stone was on hand to help out. But instead of creating an abstract sculpture or pile of rocks, he decided to create a community space with an informal seating area. 

He said his idea was to create a useful, recognizable landmark, where people could say things like “I’ll meet you at the stone sofa.”

We just think it’s kinda nice to see a fun city project that didn’t involve a ton of meetings, process, and expense.

0 thoughts on “New stone sofa a grassroots groundskeeper idea

  1. I’d like to discuss the legality and logistical implications of the stone sofa. Lets have our first committee meeting at the Stone Sofa.

  2. I understand someone actually raised a stink over whether a permit was obtained. So good to know our fellow citizens remain alert and vigilant in protecting us from um, ummm, what exactly?

    I’ll create the agenda for the meeting. And sign-in and sign-up sheets. And a database for voting whether this is a result of/leads to/has no bearing on gentrification. We should have dues.

  3. Whoa whoa whoa! The steering committee will of course need a formal decision making process.
    “So: FIRST we have to determine/agree on a decision making process! I mean, are we going to agree to use consensus, or majority vote, or 2/3 quorum?!?”*

    *Actual quote from last week’s community parks planning mtg for a new park.

    (also begs the question: HOW does one DECIDE on the decision making process? It seem inappropriate to vote 51% majority on using the “2/3 quorum method”, since once 2/3 is required, the prior vote would be null/void.
    OMG an endless loop / decision paradox!!

    We’ll need a steering committee to help evaluate the different methods for deciding the approved decision-making process for the steering committee!!


  4. It’s been pulled apart- maybe some stones removed or broken?
    What happened here? I really appreciated the couch, the intention behind creative use of space and materials.