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Molly Moon’s truck outside Buggy Wednesday, plus wine tasting

While President Obama may or may not have gotten to taste some of Molly Moon’s ice cream yesterday during his brief trip to Madrona yesterday, neighborhood residents have a chance today. The big blue truck will be parked outside Buggy on 34th and Pike from 3:30-5pm. You can show your receipt from Buggy to get 50 cents off a scoop.

For adults looking for something a little stronger while the kids are chowing down on ice cream cones, Dulces Latin Bistro has their weekly free wine tasting from 4-7 right next door. On the menu are southern French wines, along with pate, cheese and other free appetizers. Yes, we said free.

0 thoughts on “Molly Moon’s truck outside Buggy Wednesday, plus wine tasting

  1. We walked through the crowd of people enjoying the ice cream and treats on wheels, on our way to Dulces. The throngs of people seemed to be having a great time.

    I was not at all dressed for such a high-end establishment, but the only person who seemed concerned about my shorts and t-shirt, was me.

    I was greeted warmly by the bartender/host (who I assume is also the owner, but don’t actually know that this is true). My whole party was treated to a intelligently, and deliberately planned graduated experience of wines from France.

    The Host was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, eager to share his considerable knowledge on the subject. Never did I experience any snobish air, or feel unwelcome.

    What a great time.

    Next week, Dulces plans to feature Argentina wines and I intend to come back. I cannot express how enjoyable this free wine tasting was.

    If you have any interest in wine, or local establishments…go.