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New Details on gun-involved mugging at 20th & Union

Police have released a new report with details on the early-morning robbery last Wednesday that brought out the county helicopter for a search.

The robbery occurred at 1:30am, when two men were walking southbound on 20th when they heard somone run up behind them. One victim was pushed to the ground and a silver handgun was pointed at his face. That victim began to yell, and the suspect grabbed his bag and ran off eastbound on Pine Street.

The thief didn’t get away with much – the bag only contained two books. But in addition to the lost bag, the victim suffered a laceration on the side of his face.

The suspect was described as a black male, about 45 years old, six feet tall, thin, balding, and with a dark complexion. Several men matching that description were stopped and detained, but were released when the victims were brought over and ruled them out as suspects.

0 thoughts on “New Details on gun-involved mugging at 20th & Union

  1. Clearly this man, who is hanging out in the middle of the CD at 1:30am has been…pushed from his home (really, he probably stays at his grandma’s house down the street), and in to a life of crime by gentrification! That’s it! Or something…

  2. But for the 2 or 3 cases you can actually blame on gentrification in the CD, you can blame the rest on drug and alcohol problems. Hopefully in the future he will rob the wrong person and he will be relieved from his life as well as his house (by gentrification of course). As you must know, wealthier people put up with crime less than poor people.

  3. Have I stumbled onto, THE all-time best (imo) place for snark? Love snark, irreverence and dark, dark humor. It gets one through a lot of bad stuff.

  4. Um, not just drugs and alcohol, you can also blame this problem on aimless youth, who have no wiring for, or have not been taught about right and wrong.

  5. Though sometimes we may feel justified and upset enough about the violence in the CD ( and other locations outside the CD!! ), I can not beleive anyone actually would express pleasure at the thought of a life lost for a wayward 10 year old. Even with his possible use of force ( a loaded gun ), his young age should be considered before espousing such a harsh verdict against him. His age and hopefully the opportunities that this terrible insident should afford him ( and our community ), should be considered before wishing him any ill will towards his possibly having a healthy, long and productive life.

    Though his crime or attempted crime could have resulted in a much worse ending, I wish this young man well, and pray for his family and friends.