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Waid’s offers to make changes to preserve liquor license

Today, Waid Sainvil (of Waid’s Haitian Restaurant and bar at 12th & Jefferson) publicly posted his letter to the liquor control board about license renewal. He writes about his plans for avoiding any further underage drinking incidents:

The following steps are being taken:

• We stopped the 18+ Wednesday nights

• My security staff has taken a security class with the Liq. Board.

• My regular staff is scheduled to go on liquor training.

• More signs are added throughout Waids clearly showing no minors allowed.

• More cameras will be added in the near future.

• Last but not least, that security person mentioned previously has been fired and no longer works for me.

He also gives some back story on the previous occupant of the property and the work he feels he’s done to keep nearby homeowners happy. Full text of the letter on Facebook.

0 thoughts on “Waid’s offers to make changes to preserve liquor license

  1. Waid’s a great guy and adds a lot of diversity to our neighborhood. I hope he is able to work something out with everyone. Ive enjoyed the place on a few occasions and I think these changes should really help it. Thanks for sticking to it Waid….