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Weekly Wide World of Wildlife in the Central District

Some new wildlife hot on the heels of last week’s deer excitement. Tonight we spotted a bird of prey hanging out on the top of a power pole outside CDNews World HQ. A few months ago CDNews member Missa identified it as a Cooper’s Hawk.

At first we couldn’t figure out why he was waiting so patiently with all the commotion going on down on the ground. But then we looked down, and saw a mangled pigeon lying in the middle of the street.


Forty-five minutes later he saw an opening. He swooped down, picked up his prey, but had a hard time getting any altitude, landing on a fence down the block.


A dog bark a few minutes later sent him off again, flying low, around the corner, and out of sight down the next block. 

0 thoughts on “Weekly Wide World of Wildlife in the Central District

  1. There’s quite a lot of different bird species that have moved in since I did (in 97). I’ve seen a number of hawks around here (and a lot more little piles of pigeon feathers) recently. We’ve added flickers, scrub jays, oregon junkos, and bush tits as mostly year round residents to the usual wrens, sparrows and chickadees. I even occasionally see gold finches, kinglets and thrushes.

  2. I love them. It’s awesome that they are in our midst (and keeping the pigeon and rodent populations down!)

  3. A couple months ago we had a Cooper strike a pigeon right in front of our house. Dive bomb followed by a pouf of pigeon feathers. Felt badly for the pigeon, but it was cool to see it in action. We had a goldfinch this year too. First time I’ve ever seen that in the CD. So rare that for a second I thought someone’s canary had escaped.

  4. OMG, a large hawk was just perching on by back porch right outside the window. Glad the bunny and chickens are locked up! No free breakfast!