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Lewd Behavior

And so begins the second week of August, 2010, in Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. – 300 21st Ave – Suspicious Circumstance – Caller heard the sound of glass breaking, possibly from house behind her
    sorry, couldn’t help myself!

  2. Boom = funny unless you actually felt/heard it. 25 + years of being blocks from the lake and only this year did I ever experience the sonic boom. It’s quite different from the usual Blue Angel business. It is a sudden, rattling of the whole house with things falling off the walls, doors opening, etc. So shush, unless you felt it.

  3. 12:08PM – 2201 E. Madison – Shoplifting – Man and woman stole shampoo from Safeway, but THROUGH the products in the parking lot during their escape

    couldn’t help it… :D

  4. We have been in this house 21 years(close to lake but also against the bluff going to upper Leschi) and this was the worst. Usually you just cover your ears; this year the house shook and the glasses rattled in the cupboards and NO bus was going down the hill and no earthquake was reported so unless you believe in poltergeists, it appears to be the result of a sonic boom. I hate to say it emphatically due to the scepticism in this crowd. I am willing to consider other culprits if you have suggestions.
    I also have to comment on the “through”; makes me think of our kid’s language arts teacher who changed the word “hoping” in his paper to “hopping” as in ” George Bush (the first African American in this area, not that other guy) was hoping/hopping to settle in the area…oh my! It was hard for me to enforce the respect your teacher mantra.

  5. When my son was in 3rd grade, he brought home a writing assignment outlined on a sheet of paper. It was stated that “spelling and grammer count”!