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Teardown on twenty-ninth making way for townhomes

It seems like it’s been forever since we were able to write about a townhouse-related teardown. It seems like a few years ago they were happening once a week.

But evidently there’s still some life left in the local homebuilding industry, as an application has been submitted to replace a small, vacant, boarded-up house at 908 29th Avenue South with four new units of townhomes.

The plan will include three buildings: two single-unit structures in front, and one duplex structure on the back half of the lot. All three buildings will be three stories tall.

The project also includes two surface parking spots and two more in garages.

0 thoughts on “Teardown on twenty-ninth making way for townhomes

  1. I am a former resident of this block who just got kicked out of my house to make way for renovation and demolition of houses across the street from this location.

    They’re planning on building townhouses here as well, about half a dozen.

    They seem to be pushing that boundary of Leschi/Mount Baker further and further into the Central District, from the south. Fortify your castles!

  2. We have been looking forward to this for a long time. I know that this property is not owned by the same people who manage the property on the west side of the street. All of those houses were once slated for demolition. Does anyone know what is going on over there??

  3. The ugly 927 blue house (I used to live there) is being renovated and will be rented/sold as a “penthouse,” and the giant abandoned property next door will be torn up and replaced by beautiful rectangular shiny white townhouses.

    The sketchy owner of those properties bought them about five years ago for a whopping $1,000,000, and has lost a LOT of money on them, so it’s taken him a while to feel like doing anything with them. He lives in Bellevue.

  4. On the 1300 block of 29th Ave South (east side of the street) it also appears a run down duplex and possibly neighboring house are making way for something new. Earth work has begun and a land use notice sign is up.