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From the suddenly cloudy streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

0 thoughts on “Disturbance

  1. My sisters were driving in two separate cars from our house in Leschi to south Seattle, and heard squealing tires and (what heard like) multiple gunshots. They were at 23rd and Yesler, and it sounded like the shots were coming from the east. This just happened.

  2. What appears to have happen is someone got angry and fired upon another person. The individual was struck with a single bullet maybe more, in the head region. I was not able to find out his condition from the local Seattle Police Department. The theory that I have of the incident based on people on hand is this. One individual got into an argument with another person. One of the individuals got angry and shot the other as he was speeding away in his vehicle. Based on my observation after the incident, I don’t think the injured individual is deceased. There were no officers in suits moving around the crime scene.