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Auto business burglar caught at Dearborn & Rainier

An eagle-eyed security guard helped SPD catch a burglar last night when he saw movement inside the auto shop at the corner of Dearborn & Rainier Avenue South. Dogs were brought in and they located and arrested the 25 year old suspect that was inside:

On August 5th, at approximately 2:40 AM, East Precinct officers responded to a call of a commercial burglary in progress in the 800 Block of Rainier Avenue South.  A security guard reported that he had observed a man moving around inside the closed business.  When officers arrived, they too saw the individual inside the business through the windows.  Officers set up containment around the building and waited for K9 to arrive.

The business was locked, so an employee with a key to the building was called to the scene.  Once the door was unlocked, officers entered the business with the K9 and his handler.  The suspect was located inside, attempting to hide.  It appears that the suspect had entered the business through an open window using a ladder.  It did not appear that he had taken anything.  The 25-year old male was arrested and later booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary.

0 thoughts on “Auto business burglar caught at Dearborn & Rainier

  1. I think this is probably Budd’s Auto, which by the way, is an excellent garage. The people there, although not the cheapest, are really nice and totally honest.

    I’m glad they caught the jerk. Maybe he needed a catalytic converter or something. Those are expensive.

  2. Must be Budd’s. We’ve been going there for over 20 years (business trucks and personal cars) and Mike and the guys are awesome. Really glad they caught the guy. Maybe he needed tools? Setting up his own shop somewhere?
    Just glad Budd’s didn’t get ripped off. Good job security and SPD and K9….and nobody got hurt – BONUS :)