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Walked Down Jackson Street Lately?

The Jackson Street Business Corridor has made South Jackson Street safer for pedestrians!

    The Jackson Street Business Corridor (JSBC) has placed pedestrian safety flags at several crosswalks along South Jackson Street in the Central Area neighborhood. It is intended for these bright colored orange flags to increase pedestrian visibility, day or night.  The JSBC, a group of Jackson Street business owners, encourages a pedestrian friendly business district.

 Use a Safety Flag; cross the street safely!

Most flags are near busy crosswalks with no signal lights.  Use these flags by holding them straight out in front of you while crossing the street; waive as needed—a signal for vehicle traffic to stop.  These flags are also reflective for night visibility.

Celebrate a pedestrian friendly Jackson Street! 

The JSBC wants to celebrate a more pedestrian friendly Jackson Street with you!  Walk into the new Corner Store and Deli (18th Ave. S.), Franz Bakery Outlet (20th Ave. S.) or the Red Apple Grocery Store (23rd Ave. S.) and receive a free summer treat! Grab a free treat at Immortal Dog (18th Ave. S.) for your pet too!


**This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  The project is also funded in part by the JSBC.  For more on the JSBC, visit  Free treats are limited 1 per customer while supplies last. Offer expires August 15, 2010.

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