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OK, so it’s not World Peace but …

displaying a copy of this poster, together with New York Times bags and a trash can, on a tree in my parking strip does seem to be paying modest dividends:

  • bags are vanishing fast enough that I have to beg friends to save their NY Times wrappers
  • occasional bags of poop appear in the trash can
  • the endless offerings of abandoned dog-poop on my (corner lot) parking strips do seem to be diminishing.

Origin: this Post Globe article.

OK, I admit it, I’d been meaning to post this for months but Scott beat me to it.


0 thoughts on “OK, so it’s not World Peace but …

  1. This follow-up response to an earlier story is too funny. Good for you, taking it upon yourself to deal with the issue. Clearly you recognize how annoying pet owner lazyness is, while also acknowledging how nearly trivial this issue is in the grand scheme of things. Your sense of humor about it helps a lot.

    Even the poop deliver-ers on your property, would have to acknowledge that this is “their bad”.

    Good for you, for taking the energy to make it easier for your neighbors to do the right thing.

    This story killed me this morning. Thanks for the laph!

    Ed Dyer

  2. I have issue with non-scoopers on my planting strips as well, which can be quite frustrating after putting down $600 of new flat sod late last year. For those planning on doing this, cat and dog urine will kill fresh grass in the area that they pee in the first month so be sure to keep it staked off for that length of time. Though that did not deter all of the pets from getting on it.