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Friday night & Sunday: Shakespeare in Judkins Park

We’ve seen sports, festivals, concerts, marches, and water spray play in Judkins park, the neighborhood’s largest. Now we can add a new summer park activity: theater.

The regional GreenStage theater company is bringing their productions of Shakespeare to the neighborhood on Friday and Sunday nights:

The shows are free, but donations are accepted.

Judkins park is at 2150 S. Norman. Parking is available at the bottom of the park at 22nd & S. Judkins.

0 thoughts on “Friday night & Sunday: Shakespeare in Judkins Park

  1. The GreenStage website notes that there was a misprint on their flyer-
    As You Like It shows at 7p on Sunday, 7/18.

    Yay! Outdoor summer theater in the hood.

  2. THIS time, I bet Mercutio will WIN!

    …I just don’t understand why I keep loosing that bet…

  3. Thanks to Paul Crane, Board member of Jackson Place CC that coordinated with Green Stage arranged for this event to happen.

  4. I was wondering how the show came to Judkins. Big thanks to Paul Crane and JPCC!