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Welfare Check

Happy Friday from Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. Yesterday it was hit and run, today – outdoor narcotics? Is this normal (not narcotic use, but themes for days)?

  2. I do not head in there all that much but at least six months ago I started seeing security in the 23rd and Union store. Most of the time it was armed but once I had the pleasure to see a security guard (not off duty police either) with a outside the waistband holstered firearm. I have not seen one carrying since. I did not look at the time, but I do not remember seeing an armored car or van outside for money transfer and the name on his uniform, which was a lighter color than the usual blue color, was not one I recognized as an armored carrier service. Might have been though and more likely than an on site security company personnel.

  3. Scott – any idea what the commotion at 2am Saturday in judkins park area was? Police helicopter was circling around judkins and MLK area and lots of sirens.