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Clean Greens now open Friday & Saturday – 2nd location soon

Although we’ve lost one neighborhood market, the grass-roots Clean Greens market is expanding. The project of the Black Dollar Days Task Force is now open Friday from 10am-6pm, in addition to their usual Saturday time from 10am-4pm. The market is located next to New Hope Baptist Church at 122 21st Avenue, in the block just north of Yesler.

All of the Clean Greens produce is grown locally by volunteers at their farm near Duvall, part of a program to bring healthful food options into the inner city.

And for anyone who’s been turned off by the expense of organic produce at other locations, know that Clean Greens is very affordable. We’ve been shocked at how little we’ve paid for fresh produce when we’ve stopped by there in previous years.

Plus, program organizer Lottie Cross tells us that they’re finalizing plans to add a new location at MLK & Jackson. Stay tuned for more details on that soon.

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  1. that green stuff looks suspiciously like it’s growing in the P-Patch at 25th & Spring…

  2. You are correct! CDNews now has 10,972 photos in our library. We’ll be trying to use more of them going forward if they’re useful for a given story.