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CD Friendly Dog Care

I think I read on this blog once that there are more dog owners than parents of human children in the CD. Having recently joined the former, I’ve been searching for a place to provide some daytime care for my pup that serves the CD. 

After lots of internet searches, I’ve found some places that list the CD within their service area, but there are probably more. I’ll list them here (in no particular order). Have you had experiences (good or bad) with any of them? Any that you love or would avoid that aren’t listed here? 


Dogs on the Hill  (already listed in the Reviews section)

Best Buddy Pet Care (

See Spot Run (

Copilot Dog Walks (

Central Bark (

Dog Mania ( — in Mt Baker

Davies Dogworks ( — around Seward Park

Wags N Words (

Day of the dog (

Fetch — in Madrona

Camp Happy Paws ( — overnight boarding in Bothell

18 thoughts on “CD Friendly Dog Care

  1. I had my dog groomed here for a while, not good for that (Dog Spa is GREAT!). But the day care dogs seemed to have a good time there and they take them to dog parks too. Kind of dark in the lower are. Plenty of dog wranglers.

  2. Above post, I meant to type area.

    Dog Mania should be on your list, their sign says they offer day care. Don’t know anything about them.

  3. I have been using the services of Day of the Dog ( since August 2009 and I absolutely love them! Marie, the owner, comes and picks up my boy in the morning and drops him off around 5pm, 4 days a week. She takes him to her farm in Issaquah where my boy runs about with many other pampered pooches all day. He comes home tuckered out and happy, and the price is quite reasonable.

  4. Our dog has gone to Fetch (doggie day care in downtown Madrona) for years and LOVES it! We have had really good experiences there, plus they have opened a nice grooming service as well. Highly recommended. 720-1961

  5. I bet Nicole has a local list too….

    If you are ever looking for a place to board your dog while you are out of town, we take Hooper (our mastiff) to camp happy paws in Bothell. ( We have been going for years!! Becky is awesome. They have a ton of fenced land so while you are away on vacation your pooch has a dog-park day x 10 every day!! Prices are reasonable considering your dog is outside with other dogs, not kenneled all day!

  6. We take our dog, Kaiser the golden retriever, to Fetch about once a week for doggie daycare (it’s the closest place to our house and most convenient for bus service to get to work). They’ve gone through some changes, when the place started it was owned by a couple, they have since parted ways with one of them taking full control of the business. The dogs stay at the facility on 34th, and are from what I’ve been able to see are treated very well. The outside yard is pea-gravel, on dry days Kaiser comes home dusty, and on wet days he comes home a bit dirty, but he cleans up quickly. I highly recommend Fetch, the owner whom is there every day, as well as the groomer and the other employees are very dog and human friendly.

  7. key words….from what you’ve “been able to see”. i have personally witnessed the opposite…i would NEVER entrust my dogs to them…

  8. I’ve used Day of the Dog for about 3 years now and I agree that they’re great. I’ve always dealt with Jessica (the other owner) and Cody loves it! They do boarding too (at least for their pack) which I’ve used once and it’s also quite reasonable. The best part is the fact that they pick up and drop off, so you don’t need to worry quite as much about time.

  9. I think I have a pic of Cody hanging on my wall in the office. If I recall correctly, Cody and Pax became good buds on Pax’s first day with the pack and Marie snapped a photo of sweet Cody and labeled it “My new BFF.” ;) Is Cody a mixed-breed, black and tan rescue? My Pax is a mixed-breed, all white rescue.

  10. My friend Laurie is the owner/operator at See Spot Run. She’s great and I trust her 100%. She does park outings and one-on-one trips. Our dogs LOVE her and I know she treats all her “clients” with lots of love and respect. In her past life she was a special ed teacher at NOVA when it was still in the Mann building. She left that to become a full time writer and dog walker.

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  12. why not just post them here? I’d be happy to add them to the list, or put them in the reviews section!

  13. I’m not certain which Fetch is bringing dogs to Blue Dog, but the Fetch on 34th in Madrona does not take dogs to the park during the day. The dogs stay at the facility all day. My dog has been going there for two years, and runs in to greet the people like they are her second family. Brenda, Kyle, and the gang treat the dogs very well.

  14. Hi, Im the owner of fetch doggie daycare and grooming in madrona. We do not have a van or go to offleash parks and never have. We never leave are space and yards. Please get your facts sraight
    before you post. you have the wrong fetch!

  15. before you post you should get your facts straight.
    hi, im the owner of fetch in madrona. we do not have a van or go to off leash parks or do any of the things you claim we do. dogs never leave are
    space or yards and never have.
    you have the wrong fetch!!! shame on you! next time you post this crap you will hear from my lawyer.

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