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Second repelled burglary at our house

Hi all, I have some surprising and unfortunate news to report.

We live on the corner of Main St. and 30th Ave S. Some of you may remember that on Jan 15 around 3:10 pm, someone broke into our house while I was home. I set off the panic alarm and they left in a hurry.

Today, June 9th, around 3:45 pm, two african american males (one could have been female) in their late teens or early twenties, wearing dark hooded jackets, tried to break into our house again. According to the descriptions, it seems like the same guys. This time, they tripped the alarm as well as were observed by at least four different neighbors as they tried unsuccessfully to force in a door. There were multiple 911 calls made and the police almost got them. They literally missed them by 30 seconds while the burglars ran like hell.

After the last break in, I had all our entrances reinforced. They are a LOT harder to force in now. I also had our alarm system enhanced in ways that I obviously don’t want to discuss on a public forum. I also prominently posted stickers on all entry-points indicating that our house is secured by a monitored alarm system.

Given this, I don’t know what else to call it other than stupid to attempt breaking into the same house twice especially if your first attempt was foiled by a security system. In any case, I’m currently putting in further measures to make any future attempt even harder to pull off.

Who knows, perhaps these guys just like the feeling of almost getting caught.

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  1. How did they trip the alarm again? I would assume they broke a window in order to break the perimeter of your house since you reinforced the major entry points. I am not sure what you would not want published about the security system modifications you did since it really is a passive system – reinforced doors and hurricane glass is the only way to really keep people out – unless you want to ruin the look of a house with bars and metal grate doors. Something that is disgusting to me. Sounds like you have good neighbors though.

    I am thinking of what I can do to be more philanthropic toward my neighbors and maybe pro bono carpentry is the best way, especially after the posting of the fleeing subject with the person’s bag on the perps shoulder got posted after a kicked-in door burglary. It doesn’t take much skill to use a sharp chisel and a hammer to embed a reinforced strike plate into a door frame but it gets missed too much these days. I am a former general contractor and have done the management of around 40 home builds in the Central District and was overall management(plus the skilled carpentry and technical consultant) for the Rhodes Mansion rehabilitation a year ago.

    If someone is concerned about their perimeter door capability maybe I can do something about installing some security screws and reinforced strike cup plates. Just email me at my Yahoo email – same as my screen name. Also my Neighborhood watch contact email.

    Many people say that there is no reason to make a door impenetrable when you have a window 3 feet away but a broken window creates an instant visual cue to a break in for your neighbors. Burglars like to kick in doors then close them so that on the outside the home looks secure. With modern double pane windows it is also a little more difficult to just break the glass and get in with two pieces of glass – especially if the inner pane is laminated glass versus the less expensive tempered inner pane of a window within the 60 inch radius of a doorway of stairway. That is standard building code to prevent injury to the occupant in case of a fall. You do have the option of adding film to the outer pain to prevent access but I remember the 3M films being pretty pricey though there are other brands on the market to keep the pane of glass intact even when shattered.

    I am also an advocate of active force as well. Burglars are less likely to break into a house if they are aware that they might be shot and killed if they do. Not a concept everyone is comfortable embracing though.

  2. Matt, thanks for your detailed and thoughtful response.

    The door they tried to force in doesnt have any windows etc close to it. So they used brute force. The neighbors said they heard loud bangs at least 4-5 times as they tried to force it in. The door held. The deadbolt is busted though and I need to replace it.

    It’s very generous of you to offer your services pro-bono t neighbors. I’m sure that would be highly appreciated by people.

  3. Recommend this stuff highly, with security latches on double hung windows.

    Case in point: Back bedroom window (perp climbed the fence, tearing part of it down, leapt to the basement roof, tried to bash in the window with a bat or rock). Film held, only a sharp jagged hole with part of the curtain pulled through it after the event. Nothing was stolen except peace of mind. And of course the loss of a hundred-year-old original pane of glass.

    Cost a couple hundred bucks to have the glass replaced and the film reapplied. Now I have a new fence and bars on the window among other things.

    The police were great. Coincidentally the next day I noticed a squad car escorting one of the usual repeat offenders back to Juvie. It’s no stretch to say, we all know who these kids are, they used to be topic A at the monthly East Precinct public meetings at the Vocational School. Some time ago they had over 70 arrests for B & E. Surely it must be higher now.

  4. Hey Bruce,
    did you reinforce single pane glass? I have been hesitant wondering if that would really work on my 80 year old single pane windows. This weekend we are reinforcing our permiter as well, the hot weather will bring out more theives. Arming oneself is a personal decision I get that on this forum. but it works to make me feel safe. And it appears since clearly displayed alarm stickers and other visible signs aren’t helping (probably because thieves can’t read), that more forceful learning techniques might need to be brought in to play.

  5. Yes, it was just single paned glass with Llumar security film on the inside. Worked great.

    With double hung windows, those keyed latches are worth adding also.