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Mann School is now leased too – Updated

Yesterday we confirmed with the school district that our final vacant school in the Central District has been leased. But right now all we know is the name of the organization: “People’s Family Life Center”

So far we’ve been completely unsuccessful about figuring out who is behind that or what they have planned for the property. One regular correspondent cryptically told us they’ve heard there’s “an interesting project proposed for that site” but couldn’t go into any other details.

All of our normal search and discovery techniques have also come up empty.

So we’re appealing to you, our incredibly informed and resourceful readers, to help us out. If you have a name and contact information of anyone involved with the Peoples Life Family Center, please send us an email at [email protected] 

Update: Seattle Schools has filled us in on some more details: The project is associated with the pastor of People’s Institutional Baptist Church in the 150 block of 24th Avenue. We’ve placed a call to them but have not yet heard back.

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  1. Seems logical since it’s close and churches always seem to call their social venues ‘family life centers’ or some shizz like this…