Second repelled burglary at our house

Hi all, I have some surprising and unfortunate news to report.

We live on the corner of Main St. and 30th Ave S. Some of you may remember that on Jan 15 around 3:10 pm, someone broke into our house while I was home. I set off the panic alarm and they left in a hurry.

Today, June 9th, around 3:45 pm, two african american males (one could have been female) in their late teens or early twenties, wearing dark hooded jackets, tried to break into our house again. According to the descriptions, it seems like the same guys. This time, they tripped the alarm as well as were observed by at least four different neighbors as they tried unsuccessfully to force in a door. There were multiple 911 calls made and the police almost got them. They literally missed them by 30 seconds while the burglars ran like hell.

After the last break in, I had all our entrances reinforced. They are a LOT harder to force in now. I also had our alarm system enhanced in ways that I obviously don’t want to discuss on a public forum. I also prominently posted stickers on all entry-points indicating that our house is secured by a monitored alarm system.

Given this, I don’t know what else to call it other than stupid to attempt breaking into the same house twice especially if your first attempt was foiled by a security system. In any case, I’m currently putting in further measures to make any future attempt even harder to pull off.

Who knows, perhaps these guys just like the feeling of almost getting caught.