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Madrona laundromat to get complete remodel this summer

If you’ve passed by the Madrona laundromat recently, you might have seen the signs announcing a renovation coming soon. We checked in with Ridge Marshall of Ewing & Clark, the property management company, for the details.

“We’re doing a complete remodel,” Marshall said. “We’re trying to make it prettier, more environmentally friendly and cut down on the time it takes for customers to do laundry.”

The renovation will include all-new washers and dryers that conserve energy and work faster. The laundromat plans to hang up new signs as the construction process moves forward to let users know of the changes. 

“We’re hoping to have it done by the end of summer,” Marshall said, adding that the laundromat will likely only be closed for 3-4 days total for construction.

For those among who don’t have a washer-dryer in their home – or those to prefer to go with the cheaper option of a laundromat – it’s welcome news of a quicker and greener option in the neighborhood. We’ll keep tabs on the renovations as they progress this summer.

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  1. Just in time for my girlfriend and I to move away from this neighborhood. I will say that this laundromat has consistently been the worst one I’ve ever used. 1/3 of the washers broken, and a full 50% of the dryers broken, with one of the working dryers running hot enough to melt clothes. Never a fun trip. I’m glad they’re renovating it.