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LED streetlights coming to Cherry in August

Yesterday city councilmember Bruce Harrell announced that the Central District will be getting its first set of LED streetlights on Cherry Street this August.

They’ll be placed on the 5-block section of Cherry between 23rd Avenue and MLK.

The councilmember says that it will be the first installation of LED lighting on a major arterial in the city. The new lights last 12 years (vs four for the old sodium lights), and use less energy to run.

Note that the light from LEDs is very different than the old orange sodium lights. Although the city says that 85% of the feedback has been positive, we’ve spoken to several people who dislike them. You can judge for yourself by taking a nighttime tour to Capitol Hill where you can see them in action. See the map over on Capitol Hill Seattle:

0 thoughts on “LED streetlights coming to Cherry in August

  1. I remember when they changed from the previous lamps to the Sodium lamps, and all the outcry then as well.

    Give it a few months, everyone will get used to it, and we’ll be saving energy to boot.

  2. The problem with the LED lighting is that it gives off a light that is much closer to natural sunlight than the sodium street lights, which one would think to be a good thing. Unfortunately it has been shown to affect the body’s perception of wake/sleep timing. Should be fine for non-residential areas but might be troublesome for it to be outside your house.

  3. I understand the push toward LED lighting. But, man, those things are HARSH. I was flabbergasted when I first saw them over at the Hill. I was like: what the what?!?!