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Volunteer, online radio station moving to the CD

Yesterday Hollow Earth Radio announced that they’re leaving their attic in Wallingford and moving into a spot in Jean Tinnea’s building at 21st & Union. The space they’re taking over is just west of 2020 cycles on Union

The team of volunteers are trying to raise $3,500 by July 9th to pay for renovations to the space, where they’ll build a sound booth and rooms to house their editing gear.

The radio station is online-only and plays bands and sounds that wouldn’t otherwise get attention from commercial radio. 

Hollow Earth Radio Kickstarter Video from Garrett Kelly on Vimeo.

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  1. and maybe even have outside speakers for “live” broadcasting as people walk by.

  2. This will be a great addition to that block. The foot traffic it will bring will support neighboring business and I see the crowd it attracts as being the ‘somewhat young, artistic, crafty, something to offer back, some expendable income’ type.

    The places I usually donate to are non-profits and all of their financial information is readily available. I would love to support a small business like this that wants to make the CD their home, however, I would like to see where that money is going. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    Thank you

  3. Hi! I’m Garrett – one of the cofounders of Hollow Earth Radio. These are great suggestions! I love the outside speakers idea – I’ll put that down on our list of action items!

    Taxidermist, we’ve been a nonprofit (501(c)3) since April 2009. We have not had paid employees and all the money we receive goes towards hosting costs, royalties, equipment, radio production costs, and utilities/rent. Our annual budget for the past 3 years has been less than $10,000. As we move into our new space and expand our programming and reach in the community, our administrative, production, and rental costs will increase. We received a Sustained Support Grant from 4Culture this year, and we’ve also received a Youth Arts grant from The City of Seattle to teach field recording workshops for youth

    We’ve been surviving through listener donations and events like Magma Festival: and a Holiday DIY record/craft fair.

    Specifically for moving in, we are using the kickstarter project here: to raise $3,500.

    These funds will go towards fixing up our new radio station:

    $1500 – building materials mostly purchased from places like Second Use and The Restore.

    $1000 – contracted labor

    $500 – light fixures, soundproofing materials, exterior & interior paint.

    $500 – uhaul rental for moving, dump run, office furniture and equipment.

    Any money we receive over $3500 will go towards more soundproofing materials, exterior signboard that holds announcements, and rent/utilities at our new space. We are taking much care to use reused, recycled, found, and free materials from craigslist and from our community, and we are racking up 100’s of hours in donated labor to realize this dream.

    If you want more specific financial records, you can contact us via [email protected] and we can send you our annual budget.

    Thanks! We’re excited for the big move!

    Garrett Kelly

  4. Internships for local youth would be great, too, along the lines of KUOW’s Weekday High internship program.

  5. Internships would be a great idea. We’re working on having more opportunity for youth involvement, and will keep the community posted. We’d also love to simply have volunteers of all ages. Kids can become DJs just like anyone else. One High School student had a rad Hip-hop show and was better at the mixer than I am now!