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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound, a donor-supported mentoring organization, is looking for girls ages 11-14 for its one-to-one Community- and School-Based programs. In School-Based programs, girls meet with a volunteer at their school to play games, do homework, make crafts, or just chat. Community-based Littles meet with their Bigs two to four times a month to do fun activities like seeing movies, shooting hoops, playing video games, or visiting a zoo or museum.

Girls in the Community-Based Mentoring program could greatly benefit from additional adult guidance. Girls are referred to the program for many reasons, and many of them come from homes where quality adult attention is limited by single-parenthood, many siblings or transitional housing (including foster care). Whatever the circumstances, these girls need an adult in their lives who is caring, consistent, knows how to listen, and a good role model. Research shows our programs are working: compared to their non-mentored peers, Little Sisters are less likely to use violence to solve problems and more likely to become more trusting of their parents and guardians. They are also more likely to resist substance abuse and improve school attendance.

For over 50 years, we’ve worked to develop a successful youth mentoring program. Our experienced approach to recruiting, screening, matching and supporting our Bigs and Littles has resulted in thousands of safe, lasting friendships and has helped change the lives of young people across the Puget Sound region.

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