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From the dampish streets of Seattle’s East Precinct

0 thoughts on “Prowler

  1. Last year, my friends down in Rainier Beach had a peacock show up in their yard (granted they have a really big, nice backyard – so I can’t really blame the peacock) and kind of refused to leave. Then the news crew and some sort of fish and wildlife person showed up and the peacock took off. The word from the authorities is that some people will keep them as pets and the birds either sneak out/break free or they are abandoned by owners who have changed their minds about owning really (really!) loud birds.

  2. We’re around 20th & Yesler and I believe we heard both sets of shots fired calls, but at the time, we dismissed them as some distant pounding. Seems to be a lot of that going on tonight.

  3. We heard them too – sounded more like fireworks to us – wishful thinking?

  4. The Sounders match ended at 9:30ish and they set off some pretty good sized fireworks?

  5. So what happened to the peacock? We’re dying to know. (Not the one at your friend’s house, the one in the street yesterday. Poor thing.)

  6. We live just off the corner of E Cherry and 21st, and also heard the two instances where shots appear to have been fired. I took a quick check outside, and found several of my neighbors also outside and worried about the noise. As noted, we have also been worried about the possible increase in these random gun shots.