0 thoughts on “this is one of the gang unit officers from the central district

  1. Well well ofc.Cobain finally gets caught red handed and there are no comments? Wow! None of you people have a problem with that I see note even this publication. Is it that you beleive the CROCODILE TEARS? Where’s the outrage? Where are the cries for justice and accountabilty? This so called protector of the innocent.KICKING THE INNOCENT. And lets not forget the lady cop who not only watched(as well as other spd.)but added a her own foot to the mix. I just want to know who’s protecting us from the “bad ones”.Its certainly not the “good ones”…

  2. this is such a non-story – those ‘kicks’ are hardly abuse – AND the kid was ID’d later by the muggging victim. check the news. And the ‘shocking language’??? i hear worse language on the #2 every morning from HS kids.

    hope it is you that gets mugged by this type next time – these cops were doing a hard job and seemed in control to me based on the 10 sec of video.