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Diego is found!!!!!!!!LOST DOG!3{2}- BROWN LONG LEGS

Thanks to another fabulous CDLEschi neighbor !!!!!  HE is tired dirty and hungry.  Again, this neighborhood is full of wonderful people.  THanks to all we saw you are all so knd.  PAy it forward

DIEGO got spooked and ran east on yesler.   chipped, taggs, leash still around his neck.  Very timid, relatively new rescue dog please call we are frantic 206-861-5664

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  1. started running and last seen at Yesler and MLK going East toward the lake

  2. Please help us find Diego – he is a mixed breed averge small brorwn dog – tiny head long legs and can run really fast. HE is a rescue dog and is VERY timid. PLease call us if you see him. 206-354-1793 or 206-681-5664

  3. I haven’t seen him, but I’ll keep an eye out when I go on my run tomorrow morning. Hopefully you’ll have found him before then, though – good luck!

  4. Dear neighbors. I am the woman who was hysterically running through the streets after my dog. THANK YOU to the numberous people in vehicles that were trying to help, to the bicyclists who were so kind as to try to follow him, to the women with dog treats, and to the 3 strangers who helped me drive around while I was sobbing. I am truly grateful for all of you. (I may not recognize any of you, but if you see me, sans the tears, say hello.)