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Now Open – Espresso Outlet Drive Thru/Walk up (in the parking lot of the Grocery Outlet)

I know most of us have seen the little building in the parking lot of the Grocery Outlet at the intersection of MLK Jr. Way and E Union. Well, it’s official – it opened last Thursday.

Some of you might know Kim – she’s also the owner of Shodai Teriyaki, directly across the street from the Grocery Outlet. Dana and Kelli will be helping as baristas.

So stop by for some coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, italian sodas!

The Espresso Outlet hours are Monday thru Friday, 7am to 2pm, Saturdays 7:30am to 2pm.

We look forward to seeing you!

0 thoughts on “Now Open – Espresso Outlet Drive Thru/Walk up (in the parking lot of the Grocery Outlet)

  1. in a city with certified coffee snobs aplenty, not sure i’m gonna spend my $ at a coffee “outlet”. just sayin:-)

  2. Have almost forgotten how tired the old Red Apple ( aka “Road Apple”) used to be when the former owner was running the place into the ground at that location. Grocery Outlet is actually a store I wander through on a regular basis now, scarfing up bargains on lots of surprising stuff… organic food products, Tom’s toothpaste, big pots for the garden, and so on. Love the Farmer’s Market during the summer. Shodai Teriyaki is a regular stop too, great food and nice folks.

    Elvis, you might want to put aside your assumptions and check it out. Another Elvis sighting at the opening of a coffee shop would really perk up the evening news.

  3. walked by this morning and will say they are cheaper than most coffee shops. americanos for 1.50. hope they do well…odd spot. nobody will know they’re there, i’m afraid.

  4. I believe Kim ran the espresso stand when the Grocery Outlet was the Red Apple. I’m picky about my coffee and she always served a good cup….plus, it was a lot cheaper than the other options in the neighborhood.

  5. We stopped by the coffee outlet while walking the dog this morning. The woman working there was really friendly and the americano was very good. I’d go back.

  6. i went there for a latte the other day and it was very good. they are very nice too! i’ll be back!

  7. I’m picky when it comes to my coffee. I like good coffee but I don’t like paying too much for a coffee drink. Just got an iced latte at this drive thru in grocery outlet parking lot. It was one of better latte drinks I’ve had in Seattle, and only $2. Much needed drive through too. The barista was so nice and a Doll too! I’ll go back.

  8. So, Dana made this place what it is and was the main reason I went there rather than any of the other great cafe’s in the area. Kelly does a good job, too. But when Dana was gone the replacement barista was slow and the espresso drinks were weak and/or sweet. So much for the espresso outlet. Now it is just something in the way of parking at the farmer’s market. boo, hiss