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New weekend market planned for 18th & Jackson this summer

CDNews reader BB sent us a tip on some new signs that have gone up around the parking lot at 18th & Jackson, announcing plans for a new market that is scheduled to start on May 29th. It will run Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-5pm, every weekend through the fall.

According to their flyer, the Jackson Street Central Market will include art, crafts, food, kitchen, baths, gifts, produce, and flowers.

The organizers have launched a new website at, advertising rates of $30-$40 a day for space at the market.

We’ve tried to learn more about who’s behind the project, placing several calls to the advertised phone number, but keep getting a fax machine. We’ll let you know once we connect and learn more.

In other market news, the seasonal Madrona Farmers Market starts next Friday, May 14th.

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  1. I hope this works out! It would also be great if they would have fresh food (like at the farmer’s market) there as well. I don’t always need kitchen and bath stuff, but fresh local fruit and veggies are always welcome.